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Hiatus Page

If for WHATEVER reason you need to take a break from a game, and you know you'll be coming back-- just comment to this page here using the form below.

You're allowed to hiatus for one month, but no more than two months total per six months-- however, if there are extenuating circumstances, just contact one of the mods and chances are we'll extend it for you!

As of 11/24/10:
× If you are going to be on hiatus for one week or less (anywhere between 1-7 days of any given month), you do not need to post on the hiatus page! You are still required to meet full activity for the month.

× If you are going on hiatus for up to two weeks (anywhere between 7-14 days), you do need to post on the hiatus page, and you are still expected to meet full activity check.

× If you are going on hiatus for two to three weeks (15 - 21 days), then you do need to post to the hiatus page, but are not expected to meet full activity. We would like to see a post or a thread made sometime during the month, however.

× If you are going on hiatus for three weeks to a month (22 - 30/31 days), then you do need to post to the hiatus page, and are not expected to meet that month's activity. If you remember, it's nice to have a comment on your character's activity posts stating that you are on a month-long hiatus, just so that there is no confusion!

× If you are going to be hiatusing for longer than a month (30+ days), then we need a little more communication - even if it's just replying to your initial hiatus post at some point to let us know you haven't forgotten about the game. If you're going somewhere without internet (maybe you're volunteering with the Red Cross and going to Rwanda for six weeks or something!) please mention that! Because....

× If a hiatus goes beyond two months with no communication, we consider that edging into character squatting territory, and any journals in question will be removed from the game during the monthly AC follow-ups.

EDIT 9/30/09: Just a bit of clarification!

What excuses you from posting requirements:

×) a hiatus longer than anticipated, provided you come to us and explain the reason why-- you don't have to get TMI, but we'd like to know if something important suddenly sprang up so we can remove any penalties. Yes, sudden internet loss DOES count as an excuse.

What doesn't excuse you from posting requirements:

×) going for more than a week after acceptance without posting... and then suddenly throwing yourself on a hiatus for the rest of the month. Most people post within the first two or three days of coming into a game-- of course, things happen, so just drop us a line, and you'll be excused.

Remember: when you give us a hiatus time period, you're only excused for the dates given! Give yourself a couple of extra days if it looks like it'll be a shady situation, as you're accountable for days before AND after what you've given us. The only exception to this is if you go on hiatus within the first week of a month, where you won't be accountable for those first few days. Remember, we're very reasonable! We're not going to beat you with penalties because you're busy with things much more important than LJ RP which amounts to about... 95% of going ons in life.

EDIT 1/2/10: More clarification!

×) Everyone is allowed a post-factum hiatus of one month. Meaning that if you come talk to us after the month has passed we'll allow you to be excused from posting requirements for that month. However the one month limit is so that people don't abuse this. We love you guys, and we understand that life gets busy, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

×) When you return from your hiatus, please reply to your comment in this post. It'll let us know when you're back and will let us keep this page clean.

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[personal profile] belphe 2013-07-13 10:34 pm (UTC)(link)
((Not sure if this is allowed or not but I'm posting on Matt-mun's behalf. They contacted me on Skype last night to say that they broke two fingers and a rib in an accident and asked if I would post a hiatus for them since typing is very difficult presently.}}

Name: Feign
Character's name: Mail "Matt" Jeevas
Character's username: [personal profile] 100percentmail
Fandom: Death Note
Start of hiatus: 7/13
Expected return: a couple weeks? Not sure.
100percentmail: This is a couple's icon, paired with <user name="2ndBest"> (Default)

[personal profile] 100percentmail 2013-08-09 06:08 am (UTC)(link)
Here to update that it'll be at least two more weeks on the hiatus but I'm going to try to at least do /something/ so I don't fall behind in the game and all my thanks to Belphe-mun for their help and the game for understanding <3.
pachintoki: (you might as well listen)

[personal profile] pachintoki 2013-07-19 07:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name:Dan
Email: N/A
Character's name: Sakata Gintoki
Character's username: pachintoki
Fandom: Gintama
Start of hiatus: July 26th
Expected return: August 15th ish

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[personal profile] butcherpete 2013-07-20 06:11 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Indy
Character's name: Rin Tezuka
Character's username: [personal profile] nohugging
Fandom: Katawa Shoujo
Start of hiatus: July 20
Expected return: August 10-15
nohugging: (Default)

[personal profile] nohugging 2013-09-02 10:20 am (UTC)(link)
Hey, would it be okay if I (retroactively) extended my hiatus a couple more weeks? I was going to come back two weeks ago, but all sorts of real life stuff happened.
cape_and_wizard_hat: (Worried)

[personal profile] cape_and_wizard_hat 2013-08-14 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
Your name:Goldude,
Character's name:Trixie
Character's username:cape_and_wizard_hat
Fandom:My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Start of hiatus:August 13
Expected return:Unknown, at least 2 months
cape_and_wizard_hat: (Crying)

[personal profile] cape_and_wizard_hat 2013-08-20 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Still no sign of when I'm able to get a new computer.
cape_and_wizard_hat: (Unsure)

[personal profile] cape_and_wizard_hat 2013-08-30 06:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Unfortunately, I still don't know when I'll be back.
cape_and_wizard_hat: (Disappointed)

[personal profile] cape_and_wizard_hat 2013-09-10 11:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Just checking in to say that my status still hasn't changed and that I hope I'll be back soon.
cape_and_wizard_hat: (Unsure)

[personal profile] cape_and_wizard_hat 2013-09-20 06:27 pm (UTC)(link)
It may be possible for me to return sometime in October
cape_and_wizard_hat: (Worried)

[personal profile] cape_and_wizard_hat 2013-09-29 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
Tentatively ending hiatus. I've got a new computer, but I wanna be sure it's stable
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[personal profile] hawkethis 2013-08-16 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: Marian
Email: cruelenglishdramas [at] gmail
Character's name: Marian Hawke
Character's username: [personal profile] hawkethis
Fandom: Dragon Age
Start of hiatus: August 1st
Expected return: Sept. 5th
blondweasel: (❖ [unsure] - geh)

[personal profile] blondweasel 2013-09-04 08:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: Emily
Character's name:Yuudai Tanaka
Character's username: blondweasel
Fandom: Sakana
Start of hiatus: 09/04/13
Expected return: 10/04/13 AT THE LATEST


[personal profile] fightforthelost 2013-09-06 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Your name: inc
Email: incpirate(at)gmail(dot)com
Character's name: The Shepard
Character's username: [personal profile] fightforthelost
Fandom: Mass Effect
Start of hiatus: Now
Expected return: Month-ish
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[personal profile] belphe 2013-09-11 07:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Your name: Katie
Email: driprat(at)comcast(dot)net
Character's name: Belphegor of Sloth
Character's username: [personal profile] belphe
Fandom: Umineko No Koro Ni
Start of hiatus: September 11th
Expected return: probably around October 8th.

It's getting down to the wire to prepare for a friend's wedding and I'm having a lot less online time than I'd like while I get stuff squared away these last few weeks so I'm trying to lessen the strain where I can. MISS YOU GB, SEE YOU SOON ;0;