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To reserve a character, fill out the form below and comment to this entry with the information. You do not need to reserve a character to apply for them, but it might be a good idea if you're worried that someone else might beat you to it. Be sure to check the applications page first!

Reservations last one week after they are accepted, after which anyone is free to apply for that character. When a character has been struck out it means that the reservation has expired and that character is up for grabs by anyone. We leave them listed for a few days after the expiration to give the maker of the original reservation time to extend it should they so desire.

If something comes up and you can't get your app in on time, we can grant you one extension. Simply comment here again to let us know. You may reserve up to 3 characters at once-- but don't make it a habit of reserving a bunch, and then just fulfilling apps for 1 or 2! Reservations last through to Midnight EST of the date given to you.

Please refrain from commenting to reserves. We know you're excited about it but the more you comment the more time it takes the mods to process the reserves. It also adds a decent amount of clutter to the reserve comments. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: A reservation is NOT required in order to apply. If you already have an application written, please just post it directly to the app page, and do not also reserve here.


Reserved characters: