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Activity Check!

Make sure you read everything behind the cut!

To complete AC, we are going to ask for a minimum of 2 links in any given month. Either of the following combinations is acceptable:

× Comment a minimum of 25 times in the span of a month.
×We would like for these comments to be divided between at least two threads with different characters.

× If you have one very long thread in which 25 of the comments belong to you, please provide one additional thread with a different character. Try to aim for at least 5 comments from your character with this thread.

× Make a post and a non-related comment thread.
× If you make a post on either the [community profile] gargleblasted or [community profile] stop_panicking community and comment up to or more than 25 times to it, awesome! Just count up your character's comment total, and link us to the post itself. However, don't forget to also

× Link us to one additional thread outside that post - i.e., comment out to someone else's post! Again, if you've met AC with your own post, try to aim for at least 5 comments from your character in this thread. If you haven't made 25 comments within your own post, then use this thread to make up the difference.
× When making up AC from a previous month:
× If you exceed AC with a post + a thread, then we'll call it good - we're talking the posts with 60+ total comments, 30+ of which we would assume belong to your character.

× If you meet AC or don't get 25+ comments (made by your character) in a post you made, then use however many comments you did make in that post + other threads to get 25 comments, and then however many comments beyond that you were short in a previous month (so if you were short 10 comments, then 25 + 10).

× If you meet AC with threads only, then we'll ask for the 25 comments required for the month plus however many comments beyond that you were short in the previous month.
IMPORTANT: If a journal is listed as not having responded for the month of the AC in question and that player has not responded to the hiatus page and does not respond to the AC Follow-up by the 15th of the following month, that journal will be considered idle and the character removed from the community.

How this page works:

  1. Post a comment to this entry, using your character's journal. Leave the character's name and fandom in the subject, and leave the comment itself empty - or write a joke, if you feel like it.

  2. Make a note of where your comment is. Save the link if you want to, because you'll need it later.

  3. Reply to that comment with the links to your activity, using the provided form. Put the month the activity is for in the subject.

  4. Do this separately for all your characters. We know it's tempting to be lazy and make one joint comment for all your characters, but resist that temptation!

  5. In the future, find your character's comment (from point one on the list) and reply to it again with the new activity.

We begin tallying AC on The 7TH of the following month, so you still have time to post the previous month's activity into the first week of the new month. However we will not accept any posts that are dated later than the Last day of the month in question. The only people exempt from sending us links are those on hiatus, and we'll check for them. GET CRACKIN'

Copy/paste the above as needed, and please include the name of the character you threaded with, and the number of comments made by your character (NOT the total number of comments in the thread) in the brackets.

Please do not reply to this post with any feedback or ooc comments. If you have any questions about how this works, please PM [personal profile] gundamkiwi or hit her up on AIM at 'gundamkiwi'.